Biden: Voters Don’t Deserve to Know His Position on Court Packing

One more time Joe Biden has been given the opportunity to answer a simple question and he not only dodges but goes a step further to say voters, namely YOU, don’t deserve to know whether he supports or opposes packing the courts. He continues this nonsense that Pres Trump is playing a game by filling a SCOTUS vacancy before the election.

How is following Article 2 Section 2 Clause 2 playing a game, and doing something unprecedented? Who said it was unprecedented? DEMOCRATS! For the record this would be the 30th time this has happened in an election year…

It is abundantly clear Joe… KAMMY will pack the courts with RADICAL UNHINGED PROGRESSIVE POLITICAL ACTIVIST judges who will rule based on their political views, feelings, public pressure, previous case law vs the whether or not the case in front of them is in or violates the US Constitution. Joe and KAMMY are telling the American people they want the US Constitution eliminated by refusing to answer this question as well as name those they would nominate. This is why Joe says you don’t deserve to know when casting the most important vote in US history – they don’t want you to know!

You can either vote for Trump/Pence and GOP candidates to uphold and preserve our founding documents or support those who have made it clear they want to fundamentally transform the USA.

Now pick a side.