Joe Biden: “I’m Going to Raise Taxes”


Joe Biden was at it again with his double talk on taxes. He continues to make the claim he will create more jobs and a trillion more in economic growth than Pres Trump’s economic plan by ‘raising taxes’ but he is ‘not going to raise taxes on anybody making less than 400 grand.’ He will will raise taxes on the people who create jobs, ‘to finally begin to pay the fair share.’

Take note he makes it clear those who are taxed on investments pay a lower tax than those who pay income tax and yet like all dems weaponizes it. The money invested was once income that was invested, “you’re” taking a chance investing money in a business/idea a lower tax is fair. And btw keep in mind it’s politicians like Joe who wrote the tax laws companies use to pay low to zero taxes. It’s on YOU to find a good tax preparer to get your tax burden down to zero, shame on you if you don’t!

Anyway, rolling back the Trump tax plan (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017), again higher taxes on the wealthy aka wealth redistribution, will in fact raise “taxes” on people making less than $400K namely YOU! Your “tax” will be higher prices for things you buy and use while you’re making less money.

So all of you who have more in your paycheck kiss that goodbye under a HARRIS/biden admin, and you’ll probably see even less in your paycheck too knowing Joe supports the Green New Deal. This plan will destroy the US economy, and cause prices for everything to skyrocket.

No country has ever taxed itself into prosperity, it’s a SOCIALISTS dream that has failed time after time, just ask Venezuelans how it’s working out for them!

A vote for Joe is a vote for higher taxes and the complete destruction of the US economy. Simple choice really for anyone outside of all the other issues but this election comes down to Marxism/Socialism or Freedom… you got 23 days to make up your mind and those of like minds.