Biden Tells Supporters He’s Running For the Senate and Visit Website That Doesn’t Exist


Day after day Joe Biden provides one example after another demonstrating his mental state is definitely compromised. Today he told supporters in Ohio he is ‘running as a proud Democrat for the Senate.’ This isn’t the first time he made this gaffe, he did it waaaay back in Feb 2020.

If that wasn’t bad Joe then told supporters to go to a website that does not exist!

How any sane individual on the fence can vote for this man is mind-boggling. Oh and you’re now seeing why Pelosi is testing the waters with a 25th Amendment commission. It’s not to remove Trump from office, but to remove Biden and install KAMMY should they win Nov!

The smart thing to do to avoid this disaster of a HARRIS/biden admin, which will turn this country upside down while running an internal coup, is to vote Trump/Pence and send them the reinforcements they need to get things done in Congress.