Joe Biden’s Family OWNED SLAVES!


Democrat Presidential candidate Joseph Robinette Biden Jr is a descendent of slave masters! The Robinette’s can be traced back to the 1800’s where Joe’s Great-Great-Great Grandfather Jesse (born 1776) owned 12 slaves!

Joe has made plenty of well-documented racist statements and it all makes sense now, it’s bred into him!

But with this information will the intolerant Left cancel him out as they would others? I mean like pointed out in the video statues and monuments of slave owners are being torn down. Shouldn’t Joe be punished for the sins of his family by being disqualified as the DNC candidate? We’ve seen people lose their careers and livelihoods over racist statements, but this guy is a descendant of slave owners who makes racist comments, even just a week ago!

And take note his ancestors didn’t free their slaves when Washington freed his slaves. No, no Joe’s ancestors held onto them into up until the Civil War when they were forced to give them up!

Does any of this matter to the election? No, but it would if the last name were Trump. The Left would be demanding Trump’s resignation, seize his fortune to pay out reparations and wanting his head on a pike. But since it’s Dementia Joe, he’ll get a pass and that is just one more reason why you should vote Trump because the last thing we would want is a descendant of slave owners in the White House.

FYI Pages 1 & 2 were omitted most likely for security purposes to protect the source of this document.

BIDEN ANCESTRY.pdf by SavingtheRepubliccom