Democrats Are Trying to Gaslight the Country About Republicans Packing Courts!


There’s a new narrative cooked up from deep within the offices of democrats, their think-tanks and undoubtedly the obama-Jarrett war room, that republicans are the real court packers!

Republicans, Donald Trump, ARE NOT packing the courts. barack hussein obama left over 180 judicial appointments open because he thought, hell all the dems thought Hillary was going to win, so those vacancies would be filled by her. She lost Trump and the GOP won where they proceeded to do their JOB to fill those vacancies. They DID NOT add 1 more judge than those designated for whatever court.

The judges being appointed are being chosen because they rule based on the Constitution not their feelings, political affiliations and beliefs.

Dems, once again, are trying gaslight the country these courts and SCOTUS are supposed to be half repub and half dem where any imbalance is “Packing The Court”.

NOPE, there is no so such “balance” req’d in the Constitution. There’s supposed to be 8 Justices and 1 Chief Justice who rule on whether case before them is Constitutional or not. Again, NO ONE is supposed to be ruling based on their political affiliation/beliefs let alone their feelings. Unfortunately those Justices appointed by democrat Presidents have ALL been judicial activists.

Court Packing is a MYTH created by democrats no different from other myths they’ve created; ie “White Privilege”, “Climate Change”, “Assault Weapon” etc.

The only ones talking about packing courts are democrats because if they can’t get their way legislatively what do they do? They run to the nearest liberal court THEY PACKED most notably the 9th Circuit to get their way. Democrats use the courts to legislate, they have in fact weaponized them and would have done it to SCOTUS had Hillary won and these three vacancies opened up!

Also dems are conflating court packing and stacking. Packing is when you have a 3, 5, 7, 9 member court and deliberately choose judicial activists in the mold of Ginsburg to lifetime appointments who will rule in dems favor no matter what the issue.
Stacking is when you add additional judges to the bench, ex taking SCOTUS from 9 to 11 justices where the new justices sole purpose will be to nullify the justices who are not political activists. In effect democrats would be STACKING and PACKING SCOTUS should they win a super majority in Nov taking the White House, Senate and House.

This is what they do, when they hold one party rule – they radically change the government. They did it in California where republicans have next to no chance of holding power again. You see the mess CA has become, democrats WILL do the same to the entire country. CA is the testing grounds for everything the dems have planned for us.

Wanna stop them? They you better vote Trump/Pence and GOP down the ballot. You also better try to convert 1 democrat like this man did and then have that person do the same and so on

OR you can kiss the USA goodbye, because you got 3 weeks to Save the Republic.