Mail-In Ballots Stolen From Mailboxes In California


The democrats to this day claim the Russians are going to interfere with the US elections but the Russians can sit back and watch with the shenanigans we’re seeing across the country with dems push for mail-in ballots. One story after another comes up about ballots being found in the trash

near drive-thru’s, postal workers disposing them, and now ballots being stolen from mailboxes!

CA won’t be the only state with disturbing news like this, it’s happening right now and will continue into Nov.

There is no integrity at this point for this election and it’s all by design. The democrats have used covid as an excuse to push for mail-in ballots where “nature” is taking it’s course with people committing fraud, tampering, destroying, misplacing and stealing ballots. They’re going to challenge the results in any close race. They’ve already got rules and court decisions in their favor for ballots to be counted without postmarks, signatures etc not to mention up to 2 weeks AFTER the election.

Think about it, results come in where a certain amount is needed and then miraculously just enough are “found” putting Joe or some candidate over!

If you want your vote counted you better do it in-person election day, otherwise you’re just adding fuel to the fire that will erupt Nov 3 when we have no idea who actually won the election. This election is going to make 2000 Gore v Bush look like child’s play.

Vote Trump/Pence and GOP down the ballot to stop the unhinged violent democrats from seizing power.

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