BLM/DEMOCRAT Voter Vows “All Hell Will Break Loose,” Buildings Will Burn If Chauvin Isn’t Convicted


The George Floyd trial must not be going too well in the minds of some democrats/BLM domestic terrorists because this monster, Maya Echols, vowed “all hell is going to break loose” and we shouldn’t “be surprised when buildings are on fire,” if Ofr Derek Chauvin isn’t convicted!

Now why would that be? Could it be because the bodycam video tells a different story, starting with Floyd resisting from the start? Could it be because Floyd LIED to Chauvin about not being on anything when he was in fact on Meth and Fentanyl! Could it be because after the cuffs were put on and police were trying to get him in their patrol vehicle Floyd began ranting that he was claustrophobic and couldn’t breath, even asking to lay down!? Or is it because the knee to the neck restraint was an approved technique, that the MPD Chief admits Chauvin’s knee may have been on Floyd’s shoulder blade after seeing video from a different angle?

A lot of questions that are making people so sure not so sure now. What you have here from Ms Echols, and many like her is a THREAT of violence and doxxing jurors etc if they don’t get what they want.

Yes, what happened to Floyd was bad but there is NO PROOF Chauvin did anything with malice. WATCH THE BODYCAM VIDEO you’ll see it for yourself, he and the other officers were as polite/tolerant as they could be. Problem #2 is the State Atty General, RADICAL ISLAMIST and RACIST fmr Congressman Keith Ellison OVERCHARGED Chauvin making the prosecution’s job much harder, and the likelihood of more violence!

If Chauvin is given a fair trial he will most likely be acquitted, and violence will follow. If not, then democrats will get their trophy, and we have another OJ ruling. But let’s be clear NONE of this would’ve happened if Floyd didn’t use a counterfeit bill, and resisted from the start!

When if the violence starts those in the war zones do whatever you have to do to protect yourself and those around you.