Biden: “Not At All” Concerned That His Nearly $2 Trillion Tax Hike Will Hurt The Economy

The individual occupying the White House was not at all concerned about the tax hike buried in his $2T+ infrastructure bill that is nothing more than more dem payoffs.


The democrat imposed lockdown of the US economy has done serious damage. Companies are still trying to get back on their feet, as well as millions of Americans. Raising taxes in the middle of the most deadly pandemic is irresponsible and galactically stupid, which fits this old kook to a “T”.

Co’s will shift those tax hikes to their customers which will inevitably go to YOU. The govt raising corp taxes in reality is a tax hike on consumers, and no demoncrat will ever admit that because they lack basic high school understanding of economic. And when in doubt they’ll move operations overseas, that will also kill American jobs.

Dementia man also claims US corporations haven’t been paying taxes for 3 years now! Doubt that seeing that they pay a lot of money for tax accountants and attorneys, BUT let’s say it’s true. Those companies not paying taxes are doing so per the LAWS WRITTEN BY CONGRESS, many during this person’s 40yrs in govt! They’re just following the law, playing by the rules politicians created to help their pals out that these companies have also been able to take advantage of.

This guy and his party are deliberately trying to tank the US economy where the pain will be so bad people will be begging for any BAD solution they produce.

We’re headed for real trouble, like this site has been warning for years.