Democrat Calls For More Looting Because ‘America Owes Us’

A democrat party activist, Kim Brown, said in her YouTube broadcast that she supports the looting and destruction we’ve seen over high-profile police shootings.

‘I support them looting the the damn Dollar Tree. I support the looting of uh what other shit that they loot, uh like the like the Advanced Auto Parts. Um I remember last year they took Target I support all that shit loot all that shit do you know why? Because black people, and marginalized and oppressed people, could loot every store in this whole fuckin’ country for 200 fuckin’ years it would not even come close to the debt that America owes us, and that these corporations owe us, and that these banks and insurance companies, who helped to finance the slave trade, who happened to still be in business in the 21st century, that don’t compare to what the they owe us…’

Serious question for those who continue to push this “we are owed because of the slave trade” when will it be enough? How much destruction until it’s enough? What is the dollar amount in reparations you want over the slave trade? You do understand you will have to prove you are a descendant of slaves!? You also understand that the majority of American who you expect to foot the bill families came to this country AFTER the slave trade, which means they had nothing to do with it? If this country is as racist as you say, WHY ARE YOU HERE? Pack up and leave! Better yet create a GoFundMe for your moving expenses over how you feel and you will probably get donations to cover the cost to leave. There is NO GUN to anyones head to be in the USA. If you don’t like it here get the hell out!

Leftists want to destroy in the name of social and racial justice, not realizing that which they’re destroying are businesses owned/ operated by blacks and minorities. You wanna loot and burn your neighborhoods down over racism so be it but don’t expect the taxpayers footing the bill to bail it all out.

Y’all can go to hell.