Biden Supports Including Amnesty For Millions Of Illegal Immigrants in Dem Spending Bill

What does amnesty have to do with a $3.5T spending bill (reconciliation) meant to “keep America’s lights on”?

Nothing apparently, while the obama-jarett puppet is doing just as he’s expected telling the press he supports including amnesty for MILLIONS of illegal aliens in the massive democrat spending bill 17 BACKSTABBING republicans just helped move along in the Senate.

When progressives turn the entire country into a larger version of California, how many of you will be standing around irate asking “how… why didn’t anyone say or do anything?” You’re being warned right now and it’s on YOU to stop the Left. You have to get involved locally on school boards and town/ city councils AND MOST IMPORTANTLY election committee (or whatever it’s called where you live). We must get control at the local state level because they’re usually the ones who cave to govt overreach.

“Well the GOP will do something”
NO THEY WON’T. The GOP in DC are completely USELESS, just as this site explained with a cartoon just a few days ago. If you think giving them a hard time is going to stop this you’re dreaming. They want it as much as the Left, these progressives see illegals as the voter pool they need to complete and total power, because they know we’re all onto them!

Illegals don’t care they’re being used, and frankly enslaved, because the life they have here is better than wherever they came from. These monsters in DC know that, Xiden knows that even with his applesauce brain.

What happened Jan6th would’ve worked, people put fear in these bastards but it was wrecked by those resorting to violence and destruction of property. We the People need to have a show of force, we must demonstrate we outnumber the elites and make it clear they are our servants, not the other way around. When that happens this bs of slipping amnesty in a spending bill stops.

Get active, start doing something…