Fauci: Viral Load in the Vaccinated is the Same as Unvaccinated

‘They can actually transmit it to other people, and have documented transmitted to other people.’

Here you go America right from the horse’s mouth, no conjecture, conspiracy theory or out of context like our social media overlords like to accuse content providers like yours truly of posting.

The “great” Dr Fauci explaining people who got the vaccine have the SAME viral load as those unvaccinated, AND they can transmit the virus….

‘When there are breakthrough infections, namely, people who are vaccinated but still get infected with the delta variant — which happens, because no vaccine is 100% effective — we’ve learned, clearly now, without a doubt, that people who are vaccinated, get a breakthrough infection, actually have enough virus in actually have enough virus in their nasal pharynx. They can actually transmit it to other people, and have documented transmitted it to other people.’

In other words the vaccine doesn’t work, people can still get sick.

That said lets go a step further with this conclusion NO ONE to date, including the inventor of the mRNA vaccine Dr Robert Malone, has dismissed:
FACT – the vaccine came BEFORE the delta variant.
The vaccine has apparently caused the virus to mutate thus creating the delta variant that is now being transmitted!

‘When you look at the level of virus in the nasopharynx of a vaccinated person who gets a breakthrough infection with delta, it is exactly the same as the level of virus in an unvaccinated person who’s infected.’

Dr Frankenstein must be proud of his creation, as well as his benefactors who are using it to ratchet down on Americans again, while they leave the border wide open for INFECTED illegals to enter who will cause the numbers to multiply!