Deputy Press Sec Admits Infected Illegal Immigrants Being Released in US, While Not Ruling Out Lockdowns

Deputy Press Sec, Karine Jean-Pierre, admitted the illegitimate regime is releasing infected illegal aliens into the US, while not ruling out lockdowns and school closures!

Take note as Karine answered she lied because families and individuals ARE NOT being expelled, if they were the state media would be all over it condemning the regime for throwing those poor people who just want a better life out!

If the bug is as deadly as progressives make it out to be then why are they allowing.. aiding and assisting (which is one of many federal immigration laws being violated by this govt) illegals into the US interior?

Another lockdown is not going to solve the problem, there is no way to get the infection rate to zero. No virus has been wiped out, we still have Chicken Pox, Measles, Polio, the Flu as well as traces of 1918 Flu, and the common cold is a virus. A lockdown is completely useless when you allow sick people into the country to move freely spreading the virus as well as other bugs.

It’s no wonder there is a spike in cases at the very same time we’re having a spike in illegals entering the US! How convenient for another power grab.
It wouldn’t happen if people would grow a spine and say NO to these tyrants.