MSNBC Declares Groups Using the Word “Patriot” Are Dangerous

The Left has no bounds to how low they’ll go to demonize, even criminalize, anyone who stands against them. The psychopaths over at MSDNC doing an incredible stretch have decided that anyone who uses or identifies as a “Patriot” is dangerous – to even use the word is hate speech! Yes, America these people say that Qanon has co-opted “patriot” as well as “Thin Blue Line” (support police).

Don’t laugh, don’t mock them these people are dangerous and THEY ARE fueling the division in this country. This powder keg we’re living is as bad as it was in the late 1850’s, and just like then, it is going to blow. It’s not a question of if, but when!

Also, you do understand “hate speech” is a made up term by the Left, just like “assault weapon,” “high capacity magazine,” “climate change” and all the other things they use to attack the Right. They’re designed to stir up emotion and HATE, while lacking fact or a grip on reality.

What is hate speech? No one can truly define it, because what one considers hate speech another calls it an opinion/ dissent. And for the record the First Amendment protects said type of language as Megyn Kelly spelled out years ago when Leftist Richard Fowler tried to pull the hate speech card over the drawing Muhammad contest, that was blamed for an attempted terror attack in Garland TX.


It’s time for the Right stop being defensive and go on the offensive, to in fact attack the Left, as they do the Right, and correctly label them as Nazis, domestic terrorists, enemies of the state or whatever they’re labeling “us”. STOP BEING NICE. STOP BACKING DOWN. START TREATING THEM THE WAY THEY DESERVE TO BE TREATED!