Biden ATF Nominee Mocked Gun Owners, Compared Them to Zombie Doomsday Preppers

ATF Director Nominee David “Waco Dave” Chipman is by far the worst pick to run the ATF. This monster again demonstrates his disdain for law abiding gun owners as he mocks them, suggesting they have no business owning a weapon, that they pose more of threat to their families than a wall of security, and that they should store their guns unloaded locked behind their prepper stash of canned tuna, only taking it out if zombies attack.

If this monster gets confirmed as the Director of the ATF things are going to go from bad to worse when it comes to gun ownership. This is the same guy who posed over the smoldering rubble and charred bodies from the Branch Davidian siege at Waco, TX, he was also at Ruby Ridge. Both instances of the govt going after gun owners, over cooked up charges that went terribly wrong. Said it before, it will be said again there will be MANY Waco’s and Ruby Ridge’s if this guy becomes the director, but they will be far, far worse as the Bubba Effect will kick in and you will have the govt no only battling out with their target but potentially a community coming down on them!