Fauci Visibly Shaking After Heated Exchange With Sen Paul


Sen Paul took Dr Fauci to the woodshed today during a Senate hearing over the doctors deception and lies about funding gain of function research. Paul opened his time to speak advising the doctor lying to Congress is a crime. He then cited facts about the research conducted, who funded it and gave the fraud the opportunity to retract his statement which clearly rattled the doctors cage. A heated exchange followed where the Fauci was visibly shaking…

Watch Fauci’s hands closely when he points at Paul it’s shaking as he goes on the defense attempting to attack Paul. Towards the end you can see his right hand shaking while he fidgets with rubber-bands and when he grabs hold of the microphone deflecting against the Senator absurdly claiming Paul is the one lying!

Fauci is shaking because he knows he has been busted. Deflection you see in this clip is typical of Leftists when they’re in trouble, incapable of proving their point. Fauci has been MIA for sometime now, only popping up a few times on state media, CNN, to push his lies and deception on behalf of the democrat party. He hasn’t been able to get his story straight since day one, flip-flopping on just about every issue with regards to the bug. Is he responsible for people dying? Well if we use the logic of the Left, over how they blamed Trump for this virus, then yes Fauci is to blame.

This guy has to go, he is a POLITICIAN not a researcher or physician, he is doing the Left’s dirty work for power and control circumventing the Constitution in the name of public health safety.

For the record this site posted the research study many are now citing in March 2020 but was completely sandbagged on all platforms. I was the first to post it and never got so much as a thank you from anyone, meanwhile losing reach, web traffic and income for merely sharing out the truth that this bug was engineered.