Attention Parents Angry With School Boards


You know how to organize and show up at school board meetings to express your concerns and support people speaking on your behalf against your kids being muzzled for the bug going around and curriculum teaching kids they’re racist etc …

…so here’s a thought:

Moms and Dads why don’t you all organize and give your kids, en masse, your permission to refuse wearing masks in school, participating in any curriculum involving CRT and all the other radical curriculum being pushed on them? Granted the miserable SOB’s running the classrooms and Principals will suspend individuals, BUT if you get ALL the kids to defy them WITH YOUR BLESSING what are the bastards going to do, suspend 75-80%, if not the entire, student body?

Let them! Who cares it’s not like kids are learning anything useful anymore from these monsters, so they get a week off on suspension!

It’s called CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE and if Americans don’t start rising up more of this garbage is coming. Everyday you stand down to the Left they gain twice as much.

We know people don’t want to get their kids/ families involved with politics but we’re past that now, everyone has to get involved because progressives are never going to stop until people start pushing back. And when you confront the SOB’s you use what this man,Simon Campbell, did as a blueprint on how to deal with them, because while there have been many his case is different because he used Supreme Court case law to more or less silence the board!!

Here’s another thought, how about taking whatever options are available to throwing out/ firing the school board and school officials; emergency elections? You’re going to have to do something besides ranting on social media, holding up signs and singing the Star Spangled Banner because these monsters DON’T CARE! You can’t just show up at a board meeting throw a fit anymore, these tyrants ignore you and do what they want with YOUR kids! Go after their jobs, pull the kids out, organize for homeschooling DO SOMETHING besides what you’re already doing because it’s not working. You pay taxes which pays their salaries, covers school expenses etc they work for you even the ones who will say “I volunteered”. Tatiana Ibrahim showed you how to deal with those types..

It’s time to get active and cross that line in the sand or you can hand your children over to monsters.