BP Agents Leak Video of Facility Overcrowded With “Migrants”

The BorderPatrol in the Rio Grande Valley sector leaked out this video of a holding facility completely overcrowded with “migrants”* literally on top of each other and of course the majority of them are not maskedup. The numbers of “migrants” entering the US ILLEGALLY is staggering, equivalent to large stadiums, entire towns where the year-to-date number is larger than the population of San Jose, CA closer to the size of Dallas, TX!!

Keep this video in mind when you hear progressives ranting about the bug going around and how people need to be isolated, children muzzled for 6-8 hours a day. If the old guy, Fraudci and their ilk were serious about the bug the border would be shut down.

This is all about building a new voter block to ensure democ… socialists stay in power, having control over all of us. These monsters DO NOT CARE about the people in this video, they only care about the power they will gain from them. It’s too bad no one can get a message to illegals that they’re being used, if not enslaved.

Americans have got to stand up to this systematic destruction of our nation.

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* For some unknown reason the media as a whole is calling illegal aliens “migrants” which is completely deceptive, just as they used to call them undocumented migrants. Calling illegals “migrants” suggests these people have legal status to be in the US, but their papers are lost, misplaced, tied up in red-tape or the dog ate them! No they are by definition ILLEGAL ALIENS per 8 US Code § 1325. Improper entry by alien.