Biden Says He Takes “Responsibility,” Then Blames Trump

The illegitimate individual finally made an appearance to address the deadly attack on US Marines and civilians in Afghanistan. After speaking, barely with moments of blank stares, mumbling and looking exhausted, he opened the floor to the press…. “They gave me a list here. The first person I was instructed to call on is…”. He fielded softball questions and then shockingly called on Fox New’s Peter Doocy who called him out for his poor decision asking if he takes responsibility….

DementiaJoe in the same breath said he takes full responsibility but then went on to blame President Trump!! This is the same guy who has overridden all of Trump’s policies but suggests he was bound to what Trump had set up with the Taliban!? No, and he wasn’t even honest blaming Trump since his deal with the taliban was CONDITIONAL, something the entire state media fails to share with the public.

They had conditions they had to meet and were under threat from Trump that if they did anything to harm Americans he would wipe them off the map. Biden came in and pulled the troops out leaving embassy staff and civilians who aided the US for dead.

This is your democrat/ Never Trump voting neighbors, family members, co-workers, the media, and everyone else that was against Trump fault. Anyone who played a role, even the most minuscule, in getting that old kook and the whore into the White House is responsible for everything that has happened over the last 7+ mos. These people need to be called out and shamed for what they’ve done, putting this finger pointing puppet and his ilk into power.