WH Claims Americans Are Not Stranded in Afghanistan

WH Propaganda Minister went on official record that the regime has not stranded Americans in Afghanistan REGARDLESS of the fact we have Americans calling media, posting videos etc that they don’t know what to do. Even CNN had to fact checked the WH’s claim calling it FALSE.

Americans CANNOT get to the airport they have in fact been warned to stay away because the taliban have set-up multiple “rings” of security/checkpoints around the airport and are using biometric readers to find anyone who helped the US.

Psaki’s lied have no bounds. She lied as obama’s Deputy WH and State Dept spokesidiot. She makes Baghdad Bob look honest at this point, and you really have to wonder why they’re lying so bad at this point. This is not going away, we are not going to forget about what’s happened and just wait until ISIS and al Qaeda start hitting US targets.

This is a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions. The military is not confident they can get everyone out by Aug 31, which means soon there will be videos of Americans being taken hostage and executions.

Joe, kammy, Psaki, Blinken, Austin, Milley, Pelosi, Schumer pretty much ANYONE with “D” next to their name, as well as the backstabbing RINO’s, OWN THIS. Anyone who played a role, even the most minuscule, in getting the old fool into the White House is responsible. That’s right that means your family, friends etc that voted for this fool OWN the carnage going on right now and everything that’s coming down the road.