McConnell Shoots Down Calls to Impeach Biden

A literal handful of republicans are trying to get the ball rolling to impeach Biden for legitimate reasons, one being this disgraceful withdrawal from Afghanistan, another would be his violating federal immigration laws allowing thousands of illegals to enter the US.

Mitch McConnell shot down any chance of that happening, saying ‘There isn’t going to be an impeachment,’ because democrats hold majority! Well a lot of those dems have constituents who are pissed off about what’s going on so we don’t know how they would vote. And granted they have the majority it’s quite slim, so why not let the process go ahead and let’s see how these people vote!?

I’ll tell you why… because the republicans and democrats are on the same team. Trump was outsider, he was disrupting the way things were going, ruining what they all had carved out for themselves and that’s why he was impeached twice. The old guy is part of that big happy team in DC and while they’re not happy with him, they are happy things are back to the way they were under him. Progressives republicans like Mitch have no incentive to remove joe, and many use the excuse of “Well, we’ll end up with harris in the oval… NO ONE wants that!” Who said we stop at just impeaching joe? She’s out the door too… if we had actual representation in Congress. This mumbling turtle confirms we don’t and why he like 99% of the republican party has to go.