Nadler: Amnesty BURIED in Massive Spending Bill is ‘Investment in Human Infrastructure’

The House Judiciary held a late hearing debating and voting on sections of the massive $3.5T spending bill. An amendment to the bill was introduced by Rep Benz (OR) on eligibility of amnesty for illegals if they’re convicted of single firearms crime. Here’s that clip

Oh you didn’t know that amnesty was buried in this spending bill!? Oh yes, yes it is because democrats are EVIL, and this site for years has been condemning these massive all inclusive bills because of the SHIT they sneak it. Amnesty of course is ballsy and a huge slap in American’s faces, but these bastards don’t care.

When Benz was done Nadler chimed in against the amendment stating ‘the proposed legislative recommendations before us are an investment in human infrastructure The people who are.. will keep our economy strong and our communities vibrant. By providing a path to permanent residence for America’s DREAMers [ILLEGAL ALIENS], essential workers, including farm workers and others who keep our country running the United States will benefit from the resulting economic gains for decades to come…’ going into a long narrative they help the economy…

A vote was taken on the amendment and of course the democrat jihadist party voted it down 24-19.

We have a disaster still unfolding in Afghanistan, the border is overrun, inflation soaring, power grabs continue over the bug, we’re on the eve of recall election that will be stolen, everyone is at each others throat and this is the crap they’re pulling in the middle of the night! AMNESTY for people who have NO RIGHT to be here, there very presence on US soil is a crime, not to mention the crimes those participating allowing federal immigration laws to be violated from the Border Patrol to the White House!

We’re in deep trouble folks. This is what happens when people sit at home on election day and choose not to be involved with the election system ceding control to cheaters/thieves.