Biden: “I’ve Haven’t Had” Time to Go to the Border

The illegitimate individual in cognitive decline claims he is so busy he hasn’t “had a whole hell of a lot of time to get down” to the border because he’s too busy visiting damage done by hurricane, floods and traveling the world!

This is the same guy who escapes to his Del home at every opportunity, even blowing off national security crisis, because the visitor logs are off limits (to hide doctor visits no doubt for dementia treatments). He has time to spend 3-4 day weekends in Del and make speeches in Scranton PA, even out to CA to help tyrant Newsom but no time to go down to the border to see his handiwork!? Sure.

“I guess I should go down, but the whole point of it is I haven’t had a whole hell of a lot of time to get down. I’ve been spending time going around looking at the $900 billion damage done by hurricanes and floods and weather and traveling around the world.”

The media would’ve crucified and dems would’ve impeached Pres Trump for the umpteenth time if he gave an excuse like this. Senile Joe is a national security threat, he’s acting like theres no problem worthy of his time. In reality enough people crossed the border since Jan 2021 equal to the population between the size of Phila, PA and Dallas, TX. Got it? An entire major city has illegally entered the US, the majority unskilled, uneducated and completely useless. Then another segment are criminals and God only knows how many terrorists, following the report Panama capture 52 tied to al Qaeda.

If anything this just confirms things are going according to plan, he’s ignoring the border crisis because it’s how his handlers and party plan to trash this country thinking when the dust settles they’ll be standing tall to “Build Back Better”.