This Is How Many Illegals Have Entered the US Since Biden Took Office

A lot of people are posting about the recent number of illegal alien apprehensions posted by the Border Patrol. 192K illegals were apprehended in September bringing the total number of illegals who have entered the US, since the illegitimate individual took office and overwrote President Trump’s border policies, to 1,730,000. This is an all-time record number of illegals entering the US, beating 1.69M set in 1986… and we know what happened that year.

The problem with those reporting these numbers is they fail to understand most Americans can’t comprehend what these numbers really mean/ look like.

The 1.73M illegals who entered the US since the senile guy took office could fill the Michigan Stadium, which has a capacity of 113,500, 15.3 times….

Just think, we still have another 3 years to go! Oh and keep in mind this number does not include getaways, which BP official estimate is for every 1 apprehended 2-4 get through!

If this doesn’t work for you, here’s an alternative, the number of illegals who entered the US is more than the population of Philadelphia, PA(1.56M)

An entire major US city crossed the border… and that’s those we know of, it’s not counting the hundreds of thousands who got in without being seen.

Make no mistake America this is an invasion, the sitting president is directly responsible, as well as his party and every single person who played a role installing him in the White House, from the unions, special interests, media, grassroots campaign workers to your co-workers, friends and family. As for his #2, she is doing her job, the harlot is making sure nothing interferes with the Left’s plan to collapse the USA through illegal immigration! Keep that in mind when you hear people complain that karmela isn’t doing anything about border security, sure she is it’s just not what you want.

When those you know who ceded power to democrats complain about what’s going on YOU BETTER MAKE THEM OWN THIS and the destruction thats coming.