Obama to GOP: Tell Us Your Ideas Instead of Trying to Rig Elections

The monster was out campaigning for VA Gov McAuliffe and he hasn’t missed a beat since leaving office in 2017. The Left must be concerned to have to roll this progressive…communist monster out to campaign for dem politicians who have wrecked their districts and states.

Listen to him, because the lies and deceit coming out of the monster’s mouth are the policies this illegitimate admin is pushing through. And like clock work, for all progressives, the monster attempts to blame the Right for what the Left has done and will do in all elections.

Somebody somewhere better come up with a plan to win the next two elections because these bastards are on cruise control. They know what went wrong in 2020, those problems/holes have already been fixed, and we’ll know for sure, if not see how well come Nov 2. With all the bs going on by the hands of democrats lockdowns, mandates, inflation, indoctrination in schools etc etc Youngkin should beat McAuliffe, so if the dem wins then the election was no doubt rigged.

Keep in mind 0bama is laying the groundwork if Youngkin does win then the GOP fixed the election!