Massive Illegal Alien Caravan Pushes Through Mexico

The first thing Americans need to accept is that Mexico IS NOT America’s friend/ ally. They have stricter immigration laws than the US yet ALLOW one illegal alien caravan after another to enter and travel through on their way to the USA violating our sovereignty.

Want proof? Here you go…

Granted according to this invader the govt was allegedly tearing up the documents and jailing these people, the fact remains the Mex govt issued these documents to the invaders. Locking them up didn’t seem to work either seeing that they all broke through putting them a 1000miles out from the US border.

These invaders have ZERO respect for Mexico and of course the USA, and are demonstrating they are not law abiding people. To make matters worse the US govt is allowing it. People complain about the harlot but she is in fact doing her job – she is making sure the border remains wide open and no one interferes with this invasion.

The democrat party is going to do the entire USA what they successfully did in California, using illegal aliens to gain permanent one party rule. These illegals don’t know or care that they’re being used for political power, they just want the free stuff at American taxpayers expense.

At this point it’s time for Americans to invoke the first clause of the Second Amendment, organize citizen militias and set up a defensive line along the border. All we need is a show of force on the border. You put enough personnel, yes armed, on the border illegals and coyotes will think twice. NO ONE is calling for violence, just a show of massive force. If there’s violence it will be by the hands of the invaders, who have demonstrated they will get physical to break a nation’s laws/sovereignty and coyotes who are making MILLIONS off of biden. Got another solution I’m all ears but don’t get your hopes up for Gov Abbott(R-TX), Gov Ducey(R-AZ) let alone dem governors Newsom (CA) or Grisham (NM) to stop the invasion.

We’re on our own folks. Start researching the laws, find the loopholes to get around do-nothing elected officials and if someone can find one that allows citizens arrest on elected officials for violating federal laws (regardless of who they are) post it in the comments.