AG Admits Letter From National School Board Assoc Was His Source to Unleash FBI on Parents

Merrick Garland the United States Attorney General, the TOP COP in the country admitted today that the letter* sent by National School Board Assoc was his source for initiating investigations into mom’s and dad’s ripping school boards apart. There was no trigger prior to the letter, no studies, or complaints – he read the letter and then issued the memo unleashing the FBI on American parents standing up for their children!

I don’t recall the National School Board Assoc being on the 2020 election ballot let alone any other election? Since when do they dictate to the DOJ?

There have been no acts or threats of violence at these meetings. YES, parents have threatened to remove board members and take control since the boards are more concerned with protecting perverts, allowing pornography in teaching materials, indoctrinating children in socialism/communism and hating on white people etc rather than educating kids on reading, writing, mathematics, history and science.

FYI parents, 1964 SCOTUS ruling gives you, and any American, the Right to give school boards, govt and public officials hell! You can be as mean and “caustic” as you choose. Let Garland come after you, you will win BIG in court!

Here’s Rep Chip Roy ripping into this SOB followed by Rep Johnson

Garland isn’t aware of what happened yet acted on a misleading bias letter in direct response to what happened in Loudon Cty unleashing the FBI!

This country dodged a MASSIVE bullet when the Senate gave their consent against his nomination for the Supreme Court. The amount of damage Garland would be doing sitting on the bench now would be off the charts. He knows this and is clearly, by his actions, out for revenge against ALL conservatives.

* The NSBA apparently worked with the illegitimate imperial regime on the letter before it was sent over to the DOJ!