Panama Caught 52 Terrorists With Ties to al Qaeda Heading to the US

Tens of thousands of illegal aliens are crossing the the US-Mexico border every month. 100,000 are on their way right now! The number of illegals that entered the US since Jan 2021, that we know about, is 1,700,000+ and climbing; thats the size of the population roughly between of Philadelphia, PA and Phoenix, AZ. What’s the population of the town or city you live in? Look it up and ask yourself if you want more illegals than the size of your hometown coming into this country!

CBP officials have said for every illegal alien apprehended 2-4 get through, and are referred to as getaways (there were 42K getaways in Sept alone).

Panama, whose security is nothing compared to the US’s (well prior to Jan 20, 2021), told TX Rep Tony Gonzalez that they caught 52 terrorists with ties to al Qaeda (ya know the guys who did 9/11 and other attacks, on their way to America. Do ya think the Panamanians got ’em all? How many getaways since January are terrorists?

WHEN terrorists hit this country, and hit it hard, every single one of you biden/harris and NEVER Trump voters is going to be held 10000% responsible. Don’t even think for a second you’re going to pass the buck on Trump and conservatives or some other boogeyman for what will happen. What is going on along the border right now with drugs, weapons, sex slaves (adults & children), indentured servants (illegals who are owned by the cartels to pay for being moved across the border) is ALL YOUR FAULT. The blood that is being spilled right now and to come is on you.

This site has been warning for a long time, one way or another, through sheer numbers that overwhelm the system or the terrorists that get in, democrats are using an open border to bring this country down.