Defund the Police Squad Member Blames Minneapolis Police for Rise in Crime

Muslim Brotherhood/CAIR operative, senior member of the democrat party’s The Squad and top advocate to Defund the Police Ilhan Omar told attendees at a town hall event that the Minneapolis police is responsible the rise in crime stating ‘the police have chosen to not fulfill their oath of office and to provide the public safety they are owed to the citizens they serve.’

Well when you’re actively using every method available to take funding away from police, demonizing and looking to prosecute them at every opportunity you shouldn’t be too surprised they’re not around! We haven’t even talked about how leaders have ordered them at times to stand down and not enforce the law! The cops are human beings they’re not mindless automatons (well some are) but many care but will not left to the wolves.. wolves the Left is encouraging to tear up the country!

The hypocrisy… no, evil pouring out of this monster is off the charts. It’s not her fault though, it you the voters fault. SHAME on the people of Minneapolis for electing this monster to Congress, you’re all getting exactly what you deserve. Find some loophole to remove this POS from office before she and her army of BLM and PANTIfa burn the entire city to the ground.