“Migrant” Says He’s Coming to US Because Biden ‘Is Going To Help Us’

While they’re all a bunch of law breakers, one thing you can count on from “migrants” aka illegal aliens is their honesty. This uneducated uninformed future democrat/progressive voter made it clear these people are invading the US because the old senile illegitimate potus invited them in!

For the record kids it is a federal crime to ‘help’ illegal aliens enter the US! Last time I checked potus is bound by US laws just like any of us, BUT you won’t see anyone in the GOP seeking a way to have him criminally charged. So while the old guy is responsible for the invasion his party as well as the GOP is as much responsible too. They’re all selling us out to uneducated uninformed people who will do whatever these monsters in the US govt want from them.

You’ll all figure this out after the US becomes a larger version of California under permanent one party (democrat/progressive) control. When you’ve officially become a second (Leftists) if not third class citizen (conservatives) with no rights, no money everything taken away under the federal govt then you’ll understand why so many of us were begging y’all to rise up and wake up from the state of denial ‘That won’t happen here’.

If you live in a border state you need to organize and get as many people as possible down to the border to repel these invaders. You have the right to form militias under the Second Amendment.