NJ Election Worker Let Non-Citizen/Non-Registered Voter Fill Out Ballot

The democrats for some unknown reason control our election system making all kinds of illegal decisions, like allowing non-citizen/non-registered voter fill out a ballot in the governors race. Dems have not missed a beat after stealing the presidency in 2020, and grant it VA didn’t go their way, it was a wake up call that they will have to pull out all the stops in 2022 and 2024. There is no way they will allow republicans/ conservatives to take majority power in Congress or at the state level.

It’s quite amusing to hear the worker off camera claim she remembers the PJ reporter from last year – a complete lie. How many instances like this happened in NJ where non citizens.. illegal aliens were allowed to vote? Puts that invasion at the southern border into a new perspective doesn’t it!?

Btw there was a 3am ballot dump, so theres no telling how many ballots were fabricated to get Murphy barely across the finish line!

America you better get involved with elections, getting people like this worker out of the polling locations. Democrats cannot be trusted at any level, they’re willing to compromise our election system to get power and control over all of us. Volunteer do whatever you have to do to ensure our election in 2022 isn’t stolen like in 2020, because as of now NOTHING has changed, the steal will happen.