DHS Sec & WH Deputy Press Sec Contradict Biden Saying Payouts to Illegals “Not Going to Happen”

The illegitimate individual occupying the White House told Fox’s Peter Doocy during a presser Nov 3rd the $450K payout to illegal families that were LEGALLY separated when they ILLEGALLY entered the US under the Trump admin is not going to happen.

Once again we get confirmation this guy is not running the govt and a conglomerate of activists are as his DHS Secretary as well as the WH deputy press sec both confirmed the plan is to payoff.. reward illegals for breaking our laws!

“the figures of compensation that is being handled by the Dept of Justice, is in the context of federal Tort Claims Act cases, as distinct from the family reunification task force that we in the Dept of Homeland Security operate in bringing those families together.”

“The president is perfectly comfortable with the Dept of Justice settling with the individuals and families who are currently in litigation with the US govt…”

The old guy has no clue what’s going on, and don’t think for a second this won’t happen after the last 10 mos let alone 4+ years – ANYTHING can happen with these monsters running things.

That said, you all understand this is your money this regime is going to hand out to criminals; to in fact reward criminal behavior!?

It is a FEDERAL CRIME to enter the US without proper authorization, and anyone helping illegals is breaking federal laws as well, REGARDLESS of who they are!

How much more of this until you rise up? The participants of J6 had the right idea, as the fear of God was put into the ruling elite. Unfortunately a handful of protestors chose to engage in criminal behavior souring a clear message that We Surround Them. We’re there folks, if these payouts happen Americans need to organize and literally march on DC with Pitchforks and Torches… it’s not 1776 again, it’s 1861.