CNN Medical Analyst Wants Biden To Go Way Further To Punish “Unvạccỉnạted”

CNN medical analyst Dr Leana Wen showed her true tyrannical side as she called on the illegitimate individual occupying the oval office to take things to a new level to in fact punish the unvạccỉnạted!

You see as Wen explains those of you who have not gotten the shọt are the reason why everyone else is still getting sick. So she wants the old guy to PUNISH you unvạccỉnạted terrorists, and dictate what you can and can’t do based on whether you got the Mark of the Beast.. I mean shọt or not!

:The shọt only works if everyone gets it….. that’s how you get to hẻrd ỉmmunỉty. Hell, how do you think modern-man has survived for over 200K years, they were surely lining up for their cold and flu shọts in 25,000BC!: That was sarcasm for those of you who are thick headed and uneducated. [Yea YOU jerks at Facebook and your “fact checkers”.]

In all seriousness, if the jab actually worked that these rabid monsters have searing through their veins then why do they care if you got it or not!? I mean if you ever wanted to see textbook examples of science deniers, the Left is it!

We get to hẻrd ỉmmunỉty by people getting sick and building up ạntỉbodỉes. Did it ever occur to anyone the ọmỉcrọn-strạỉn, which is quite weaker, is in fact the result of hẻrd ỉmmunỉty!?

No, no we can’t talk about that, just get in line to get your UNTESTED EXPERIMENTAL mark, put your face-panty on and do as your told.