Fauci Tells Americans They Should Require Holiday Guests To Prove They Are Vaccinated

The Left is continuing to capitalize on fear through Fauci, who hasn’t been right on anything ever! To this day the Left has been treating the bug as if its the lethal killer from the movie Contagion following the movie script to a “T” making people fear, even alienate, their friends, coworkers and family. The FRAUD is now advising Americans to require their holiday guests prove they got vaccinated…. for a bug that has a 99.96% survival rate for relatively healthy people of ALL ages!

Really!, Are you going to stand at your front door when guests arrive demanding their papers? This insanity is pitting Americans against Americans, family against family! It will not stop so long as Americans continue to bow down to the mandates! If everyone stops complying TODAY, this all ends people like Fauci and progressives behind are rendered powerless. The longer you play this game the more powerful you make them.

STOP COMPLYING, learn how to say NO!