Biden Downplays Inflation Hitting Highest Level in 40 Years

The cognitively challenged individual downplayed and fingerpointed the US hitting the highest level of inflation since 1982 at 6.8%. By the way if the rate was calculated the old CORRECT way, inflation is really 15%! You’re paying more while getting less for your money and paid less is being passed off as some transitory (temporary) effect we’ll get over while this regime is out of control spending YOUR hard earned money. They haven’t stopped printing money since 2008 which will eventually lead to the US being the Weimar Republic 2.0.

The economic catastrophe this site has been warning about is still coming, we’re just in the eye of the storm getting dangerously close the wall. When we hit that wall don’t say you weren’t warned. ‘You’ cannot spend billions.. trillions, giving money away faster than its coming out of the printing press and not expect that rubber band to snap back HARD. We’re either going to end up like Venezuela or worse when the bubble finally bursts.