CA Dad SAVAGES Public SERVANTS: ‘You Are All Weak, Minuscule Men’

The craziness never ends, with the Left trying every angle they can to seize power and control every aspect of our lives. That said we welcome vids like this one of Jeff Perrine, who goes by handle The Prudent Patriot, taking Lincoln High School board… public SERVANTS to the woodshed Dec 21st.

Attendees view

Everything he said in this vid is true, there’s no denying it. Also, it’s amazing how these ‘beta male cucks’ sat there and took his abuse, not cutting him off, probably because they know it is his legal right upheld by the US Supreme Court in 1964 in NY Times v Sullivan.

This is how you deal with the Left, whether it’s at a school board, town/city, county meeting, and even State and Federal Representatives and Senators. These monsters need to understand they are not kings and queens, they are the People’s SERVANTS. They are elected to do our business, not what they want, and when they cross the line we rip them a new one and remove them from office.

Anyway, enjoy!