Dem Rep Jeffries To GOP: ‘You Better Back Up Off Of Us’

Commie… fascist dems are cracking under the pressure of getting their radical “voting rights” (aka DNC’s pathway to one party rule) bill through. They keep ranting about voter suppression, but never produce a victim during their desperate rants like this from Hakeem Jeffries where he is blatantly threatening the GOP

“We’re not going backward. We’re only going to go forward. You better back up off of us”

Or what Haki? What are you going to do, STEAL ANOTHER ELECTION?

Lemme say it again, they NEVER produce these alleged victims of voter suppression, don’t you find that odd? They talk about an imaginary victim to justify the dismantling of our Republic NOT DEMOCRACY and election system that has worked for 200+ years!

That is the answer by the way, let them have this bill legalizing/ federalizing election theft, like they did in 2020, or they’ll just keep doing it the old way. They hate the old way because they always have to worry about screwing up, leaving traces of what they did like the same ballots getting counted 2-3 times, ballot harvesting, more votes in a county than there are registered voters etc etc.

Take note EVERY SINGLE THING these bastards accuse the Right of being they are DOING! Second, this idiot and his ilk are ok with you having to produce ID to do just about everything(you know the long list by now), even walk out your door now because of covid none of which is “racist”, but ask for an ID to vote it’s the end of the world, the GOP is stealing elections and suppressing voters!

Jeffries needs to be run out of office like the rest of his evil party.