A Concrete Wall is Being Erected Around the White House!


Some pictures and vids are popping up all over social media of a concrete wall/ barrier being erected around the White House! This is what you would see around a US base in Iraq or Afghanistan within “green zones” to deter vehicle, heavy weapons type attacks!

Raise your hand if you’ve had a feeling since the election was stolen and dirt continues to come out about this terrible admin and Congress that trouble is brewing!?

As of this post going up the WH livecam is offline too!

The old guy, harlot and company are no doubt up to no good and are clearly expecting something bad to happen.

Keep in mind if there was still a threat progressives would’ve never taken down the fencing and pulled troops out after J6. If anyone has info about what is going on, and NO we don’t want to hear that it’s just “routine, increase in security measures”, or an exercise of some sort, please post in the comments.

Walls apparently work and are only racist when they’re along the southern border

Gonna go out into crazy conspriacy land now on couple scenarios…
This has to do with:
1) the virus and something bad is coming related to it a power grab or maybe another bio-weapon is released
2) Progs are going to ram through “Voting Rights” bill = making the theft of elections legal and our govt will be under permanent one party (democrat) rule
3) old guy’s regime is expecting trouble with China and or Russia when they take Taiwan and Ukraine (yours truly has predicted they’ll do it around the same time)
4) more lies and propaganda over fake threat from extreme right-wing and conservatives that will open door to more power grabs and infringing on the Second Amendment
5) (You’ll love this one) as you know the Pentagon has more or less admitted all that UAP/UFO footage and reports are real… sooooo aliens are coming (invasion)! LOL
6) I think we may have a legit winner

7) (not conspiracy) per a source in DC, work is being finished on fencing and telecom underground!