Pelosi Praises Biden For Saying Americans Who Oppose Radical Election Overhaul Are Domestic Enemies

The sitting Speaker of the House, third in line for the Presidency praised der Führer calling Americans who oppose his will to take over the election system domestic enemies! Listen to it as it defends what the old fool said and calling him wonderful! Make no mistake these people are hell-bent on absolute power and control over this country and YOU regardless of the costs, because the ends justifies the means.

No one is kidding around when they say democrats want their enemies (YOU) enslaved if not dead – his statement and her praise of it is proof!

If you oppose the “voting rights bill”, support President Trump, America first, believe in the Second Amendment… the entire Constitution, fiscal and personal responsibility, rule of law, parent’s rights to decide how their children are educated, your body your right, have had enough of wokism and all the nonsense coming from the Left you will be/ are considered a domestic terrorist by this unhinged administration. Hell the fact I just said that makes me a target!

Lemme tell you what will happen under xiden’s DOJ domestic terrorism unit, it’s very simple; they WILL cause another Waco and/or Ruby Ridge, that will spark the Bubba Effect, which means citizens will come to the alleged domestic terrorists aid regardless of any facts and violently engage the Gestapo… I mean DOJ enforcers!
That’s it, a bloody mess because democrats cannot accept defeat on any issue.