Mỉkẹ Lỉndẹll’s Businesses And Charities Just Got De-Banked!

Mike Lindell has had all his business, personal and charity banks accounts closed by Heartland Financial and Minnesota Bank & Trust!
Because they’re concerned about their reputation being connected with Lindell should he be, as Sebastian Gorka put it, ‘subpoenaed by the FBI and Nancy’s J6 Star-Chamber’. You’ll also hear Lindell explain it’s because of his free speech platform Frankspeech.

For the doubters you can hear it right from a SVP with the Heartland speaking with one of Lindell’s colleagues!

Here’s Lindell earlier today on the War Room

Cancel culture is not something new invented by the rabid, unhinged, violent Left. It was successfully used in the 1930’s before the Final Solution was implemented. The Left can call the Right fascists all they want but they are the fascists like their 1930’s predecessors, silencing anyone who opposes them to the point of being completely deplatformed from social media, or in Mike’s case losing the ability to do any kind of banking. And take note these bastards couldn’t careless about the people who benefit from his charities getting cut off. I can guarantee you they have this pass the buck attitude, “we cut him off, but some other bank will take him in”. Are they sure that will happen, or will what they did trigger a nasty snowball effect that unemployed people (pre covid) were experiencing, where they get passed over for a job because they’ve been unemployed too long but “someone will hire them”… uh huh NOPE yours truly is a victim of that and I hammered people over it.

Be warned right now, there is another industry whose remained silent but sooner or later will get pressured by the Left to cancel anyone they disagree with. What industry might that be?? Are you on the internet? Do you watch tv? Do you text and make phone calls? Yep wait til they pull the plug on people, where you won’t even be able to get an IP address!

This garbage from the Left must stop and the only way that happens is when Americans, who claim they’re tired of this shit, start pulling the plug on these businesses.
The moment you take the money away they’ll shut up and start listening. Right now they’re afraid of a handful of Leftists who give the impression of millions, so they bow down and cancel people. You need to pull your business to show them the other side of their decisions is just as bad, where they’re better off staying neutral.

If it doesn’t stop we will have a repeat of the 2018 attack on YouTube corporate office that was widely ignored by Big Tech. Imagine someone higher profile than the woman in 2018, with a home(lots of bills), an office and employees etc gets the plug pulled because of their beliefs but is a couple sandwiches short of a picnic! There could be some serious carnage if this cancel culture bullshit isn’t put to an end!