Pelosi Thinks Founding Fathers Are Crying Because of the Filibuster

This monster loves to make things up, rewrite history to justify her power grabs. YES Nanzi the Founding Fathers are crying, but not because the filibuster is preventing you bastards in DC from taking over the election system! No, the Founders are crying over the amount of destruction and division you and your evil party have done to this country, even how you continue to call the US a democracy when it is a Republic!

Washington, Jefferson, et al are also crying because the American people just sit and take the power grabs, abuses of power, demonizing, the unsustainable debt etc from those they elected to serve them. They cannot understand how the American people have allowed this country to sink so low on issues they would have already gone to war over – that’s a fact.

Think about they went to war over having their rights stepped allover, being taxed and acts to disarm them. We have all those boxes checked off and hell of a lot more.

It’s time to make the Founders cry in joy by standing up to these tyrants removing them from power as dictated in the Declaration of Independence!