FBI Raids Home of Dem Congressman Critical of Biden’s Border Policies

TX dem Rep Henry Cuellar has been critical of the illegitimate regimes border policies, to the point he sounds like a conservative at times, had his home raided by the Gestapo… Stasi.. I mean the FBI. Why? The Stasi is not saying, because it’s “an ongoing investigation.”

The message is being sent loud and clear that anyone who defies this regime and puts heat on them will have their lives ruined. They make up crimes or over exaggerate minor infractions to justify investigations and crimes. Look what they did to President Trump, members of his family and staff as well as his high profile supporters. The J6 activists have been imprisoned for doing nothing compared to what DEMOCRAT VOTERS have done, burning looting and murdering across the country.

We don’t know if Cuellar broke any laws, but that won’t stop this regime from unleashing the stasi on him even for a minor infraction or just making something up to silence him.
Pay attention now, if he starts changing his tune about the border invasion then that will be confirmation they got to him!