CDC: Nạtural Immunỉty Stronger Than Vạccỉnes

Well, well, well …. the CDC put out a report that people who were already infected with cọvỉd, thus having natural immunity, are better protected than those with the vạccỉne !

This site, like many, made the case over a year ago natural immunity is the best defense against the bug, that is in fact STUPID to make people wear masks and be isolated as that weakens the immune system delaying HERD immunity. The more people who get the bug and beat the stronger mankind gets! Remember once upon a time the common cold was a lethal killer, but through herd immunity and time it’s nothing but a nuisance! Same applies here, where enough people have gotten all the different strains that now that we’re on omicron it’s not having much of an impact. Also keep in mind the bugs goal is to survive, if it kills the host (you) it doesn’t survive either!

How many people have had their lives destroyed because of the hysteria over this bug? Yours truly lost 95% traffic to this site for telling the facts vs pushing propaganda and fear. Facts the CDC, social media, many in news media and on the Left, as well as nations that went crazy on lockdowns, are now having to admit.

The way the bug was handled was nothing but hoax, weaponized by absolute monsters seeking money (how many got rich off it all), power and control over all of us. It was the excuse progressives needed to steal an election, and they will continue to work it into the 2022 midterms!

It’s time to stand up to these fascist monsters and hold many accountable (PRISON time), starting with Fạủcỉ.