Biden Says Inflation is a ‘Great Asset’ as He Calls Fox Reporter Stupid SOB

The old guy was having a cabinet meeting with reporters present and as they were being herded out, Fox News’ Peter Doocy shouted out a question about inflation being a political liability. The old guy responded that inflation is a ‘That’s a great asset, more inflation… what a dumb son of a bitch’

This old kook is out of his mind. How is jacking up interest rates prices, increasing the cost of living etc a ‘great asset’?
Who likes to pay more?
Where are the economists and people who support the old guy that think paying more is a good thing?

Doocy did nothing stupid deserving to be called a son of a bitch by the sitting President of the United States(this is one of the few times that will ever be admitted on this site, UNLESS the old guy knows something we don’t and that is why he is calling Peter stupid!!

Have you ever done something that appears strange or out of place to others who don’t know what you’re up to, but makes complete sense to you!? I have!

What is this old fool… or really his handlers up to?? Makes you wonder doesn’t it? It’s probably all tied to this Build Back Better aka Great Reset aka New World Order. You all understand the world is under great tension, armed conflict is on the horizon, the bug continues to be weaponized for power and control, deliberate acts to crash the economy etc are all the pieces needed for a great reset. WAR allows everything to be reset from borders to currency; WWI and WW2 are proof of that! Calling Doocy a dumb son of bitch makes more sense in this context doesn’t it!?

This guy is a disaster and anyone and everyone who played a role in him being installed in the presidency is 110% responsible. Come to think of it, the more pain on this country the better. NOTHING should be done to remove the old fool and the harlot leave them in for the next 3 years causing absolute chaos so those who put them in power can suffer like the rest of us vs allowing them an easy exit via the 25th Amendment, impeachment or other solutions. You SONS OF BITCHES wanted them, you’re gonna own them and the pain that’s coming for what you’ve done to this country!