Psaki: There Is No “Plan” For Military Evacuation Of Americans Who May Be Stranded In Ukraine

The old guy has given orders for additional troops to be deployed to Europe as a Russian invasion in the Ukraine becomes more likely by the day. Americans have been advised to get out of the region asap, but the WH spokes idiot told legacy media this regime has NO plan to evacuate Americans who may be stranded! Yes, America he’s doing it again.. he f*cked Americans over in Afghanistan and he’s gonna do it again in the Ukraine!!

Listen to it again, you don’t hear her saying Afghanistan as one of her examples ‘to what we did…’

NONE of this would be happening if Pres Trump was still in office. Progressives STOLE the election to make this and all the other disasters this old fool is causing. Yea he had a mouth but the world was far more stable when he was in office, hell because of him there are peace agreements in the middle east – but based on this regimes record on foreign policy that will go to hell too. ANYONE who voted against Trump and conservatives, or played even the slightest role, handing power over to the dems this is on you. I don’t care who you are celeb, legacy media, political pundit, blue collar worker, friends or family YOU OWN THIS.

A reckoning is coming for what you all have done not only to this country but the world.