Biden: A Russian Cyber Attack Against The US Is Coming

Well this isn’t reassuring knowing that our power grid (which is complete garbage), internet, water supply and other infrastructure, accessible to anyone online (WHY I’ll never understand*), is open to attack by a rogue na tion.

The old guy can try to prep everyone and lay the seeds of blame, but in the end obama-jarrett-rice-biden and their progressive ilk(dems&repubs) are 100% responsible for whatever happens.

This wouldn’t be a headline had progressives not stolen control of Congress and the presidency from Pres Trump. So keep in mind whats happening IS ON PURPOSE, and you be sure to blame your democrat and never trump co-workers, friends, neighbors and family – make them own it!

*There is no logical reason power companies, water treatment etc are accessible via the internet. Yes, the companies need to communicate within but that can be accomplished via an intranet! The modern-US ran perfectly fine pre-internet. Key systems and infrastructure should have their lines cut period end of story don’t care what the argument to be connected is. National security trumps convenience.