Dems Would Rather Buy Oil From Iran Than Increase US Oil Production

The democrats… Leftists KNOW their war on fossil fuels is a direct cause of the turmoil going on around the world but they don’t care. They know buying oil from Russia is funding Putin’s war machine, and the terror from Iran’s proxies. But that’s not enough to produce energy here because fossil fuels are bad for the environment or something.

While Pelosi supports banning the purchase of Russian oil she is against drilling in the US.

The Transpo Sec, who is completely unqualified BUT HE’S GAY, suggests buying oil from Iran is an option ‘on the table’!

That was some serious world salad from this clown.. but HEY HE’S GAY so everything is good!

EVERYTHING runs off of oil, natural gas, and coal. The US by far produces power from these sources cleaner than other nations, especially China, Russia and India. The pollution the climate cult accuses the US of producing are lies, and in fact created by said nations.

Do these people make any sense? NO
Do they have a plan? YES, but it’s completely insane – according to the UNQUALIFIED Energy Sec they’re in the process of transitioning America off fossil fuels

They want to get off fossil fuels fine, great, but those who support this need to corner these bastards and ask them a very direct question:
You’re eliminating US dependency on fossil fuels, nuclear power is completely off the table, solar and wind power technology as of today CANNOT meet our current energy requirements. If everyone goes electric as you want, demand will double if not triple, WHERE ARE YOU GETTIN THE POWER FROM!?

I guarantee not one climate cultist will be able to answer this question. Meanwhile we have wars going on over the control of dead dinosaur juice.
We need to produce our own energy, doing so we’re not at the mercy of the markets, terrorists and psychopathic dictators trying to bring back dead empires.