Kinzinger: I’ll Make Sure Trump Doesn’t Win If He Runs In 2024

The DNC tool and traitorous fake republican Adam Kinzinger is vowing to do everything in his power, ‘will move heaven and earth,’ to stop Pres Trump from being President again.

This degenerate was betrayed by the dems who used him and are still using him to stop Pres Trump. Who the hell does this POS think he is that he has the right to determine who can and can’t run for POTUS? The fix is already in as it is folks, this traitor is telling us what he and his ilk are prepared to do AGAIN!

Little bastard should be removed from office now.

This is yet another example of how he and his ilk are in fact FASCISTS who need to run out of all levels of public office, NEVER permitted to hold office or a major position of responsibility and authority ever again.