$1.9B Taxpayer Money For Border Wall Is Going Towards “Community Consultations”

The illegitimate regime’s Office of Management and Budget director, Shalanda Young, told the House Budget Cmte $1.9B of YOUR MONEY allocated to build the border wall was used for “community consultations”

The money was for the border wall, they clearly found a loophole to use it for BULLSHIT.

Progressive’s HATE for this country is on full display daily. It is clear this regime has an open border policy no matter what any of its lying propagandists claim. And what the hell is this community consultation NONSENSE?

Ethical Goals of Community Consultation in Research

The Founders left the guidelines/ blueprints what to do, the problem is the People of America have allowed themselves to be beat down, told “no you can’t” by the very people who are supposed to be taking orders NOT giving them!

Article IV Convention of States must be initiated ASAP. Conv of States org is dragging their feet, the longer they take the worst things get where the People will then have to resort to other means as laid out in the Declaration of Independence, enforced via 2A.