Pelosi: Biden “Perfect” And A “Gift”

Early 2020 Nanzi Pelozei was incredibly confident that Donald Trump would not be re-elected, in fact she was quite certain. This witch has been going around a few times now saying the old dementia ridden fossil is perfect and now she adds he’s a “gift”.

Yes, the fossil is a “gift” from the people who stole the election so this POS and her ilk (who knew about and were mostly likely in on it) could ram through the radical legislation/ agenda through and confirm the worst of the worst to govt positions including SCOTUS. The old guy.. the gift is rubber stamping the end of America as we know it.

Everything you’re experiencing and witnessing with high prices on food and basics, fuel, rampant inflation, the school system pushing absolute depravity, lawlessness, WAR..too much to list – it’s all on purpose. Pelosi and co are wrecking everything while blaming the other side because they THINK when SHTF, and the dust settles, they’ll be standing over the rubble with their arms out to follow them in this NEW WORLD ORDER.

Conspiracy folks had it right all along, and now the ball is in your court to stop her, the fossil and ALL unhinged violent progressives.