Disney Exec Producer: I Added Queerness Wherever I Could In Kids Programming

The Left has waged an all out war against parents because they know whoever controls the youth controls the future. These monsters are actively engaged in brainwashing YOUNG children, grooming them with sexual depravity in Disney programs!

Here is an Exec Producer, Latoya Raveneau, admits Disney execs welcomed her ‘not at all secret gay agenda’ and wherever she can she’s ‘adding queerness’ to CHILDREN’S programming.

If you’re homosexual or any of the other ridiculous identifiers that will NEVER be listed on this site, fine that’s you, but LEAVE THE CHILDREN THE HELL ALONE.

For years we heard what you do in the privacy of your home is no one’s business “leave us the hell alone”. But now you force your lifestyle on everyone including very impressionable YOUNG children! You have NO RIGHT to force your sexuality and lifestyle on children whose minds technically do not stop developing until one reaches early 20’s!

NO 5yo needs to know about any of the genders let alone sexual acts. You people are monsters and are starting a fight you will lose badly when F-AROUND WITH PEOPLE’S KIDS… in other words F AROUND AND FIND OUT, but don’t say you weren’t warned.